Unifiber boomhead problem fixed
Robert de Leeuw - zondag 23 april 2017 15:52:49
Do you have a Unifiber (or probabilty any OEM boom with the same type of mast clamp) an the rope of the mast clamp keeps slipping?

There is a problem with the production of the mast clamp.
If you look closely to the cleat, you will see only plastic, not metal.

The plastic is not strong enough, it is to slippery.
The plastic wears quickly, and then the rope really wont keep stuck.

How does this happen?
In the factory they put the cleat in the mold, but there is to much room, so plastic gets between the mold and the cleat.
This way plastic covers the cleat, that should never happen.

The solution:
Remove the plastic from the teeth of the cleat.
Take a small screwdriver or other sharp object and start scraping of as much plastic as possible.

You will and up with something like this, and cleat will grip the rope again.