Slalom training. Wind less then expected, sailed with the iSonic 127 and Warp 9.0. Tested different fins: Sonntag SL-P 46, 48cm and Busca 46cm. Usefull but cold afternoon, the SL-P 48 cm seems too big. Should spend some time to find a better trim need more pressure on my front foot. [Read...]

A day of slalom training at Herkingen with Jurjen. Took the iSonic 101 with Warp 7.0 en Boss 37.5cm fin, perfect for today. Great conditions for gybe training. The Boss gybes really easily, especially on flat water every gybe is a planing gybe. In chop it takes a little bit more commitment, but still easy. Too bad for the rain today, for the rest great day on the water. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Rarely seen so busy on the point. A lot of acquaintances. Few hours with the iSonic 101, Venom 36 cm and Warp 7.0 dangers. Train in harsh conditions, because sometimes waves and wind were pretty tough. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Together with Rob an afternoon on Kabbelaarsbank hazards. Snuggle up with the Warp 7.0 on the iSonic 101. Different fins tested: SL-P 35/37 cm and 36 cm Venom. In the chop is the Venom 36 cm still favories. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) For the first time in nearly 2 years finally official races during a Rgiocup South. Unfortunately not the increasing wind that was predicted. Wind was to South and very gusty. All day with the iSonic 117 and Warp 8.0 dangers and that was on the small side, 9.0 was afterwards been better. Fun competitions dangers, unfortunately no more races in the afternoon because the wind was gusty. In the end 14th. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) After getting my iSonic 127 just go boating on the Lake Veerse Meer. It was pretty busy there, many well known of the club. The entire afternoon with the Warp 8.0 on the iSonic 117 dangers. Wind was really gusty. So much bobbing and pumps and sometimes planing. First with the Sonntag 42 cm, later with the 46 cm. It was good pump training. Weather was good. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) Wind was a lot less than predicted, ideal for the 9.0 LW to trimming. First time with my new Severne Enigma boom. Board was the iSonic 127 with Boss 49 cm. Good trim, wind went from a minimum to a maximum of 9.0 for the LW. The iSonic seems leak under the foot band. Informative/useful day. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) 12:00 from wind, something more than yesterday. All day dangers with the Warp 8.0 on the iSonic 117. Waves were higher and it was thereby heavy. Luckily today called 2 x through the preliminary rounds. Not that I have much chance in a B-final, but immediately saves a few places. Eventually 20th ended this weekend. Were the foreign PWA guys not been there I was just 16th again as always. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) Wind came late, but luckily we were allowed to sleep late of the organization. Eventually the whole afternoon/evening with my new iSonic 127 North Warp 9.0 LW on the dangers. Level was high, certainly by the presence of Dutch and foreign PWA surfers. Today did not succeed to go through the qualifying rounds. Lelystad remains difficult in/out of the water. We have to 19:30 hazards. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) The plan was to take a long-distance to sail to determine who in which fleet arrived. Lack of wind did not. Too little wind also for official matches, so fun-races. I was in the B-fleet. 4 heats hazards. 2 x 4th, 1 x false start and last race 1st. Very happy with this result, I could very well come in the B fleet, about the level that I have always had. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Today 2nd time slalom training by 2017. 30 participants, very busy. Little to no wind. But good to get some light training again and stuff to test. Started with the iSonic 127 9.0 with Daytona and Boss 49 cm. When the wind was almost gone with the JP Super 90 Lightwind on the water, to the wind really was gone. The weather was great, good, nice and warm. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) There was ONO predicted, which can on the Grevelingendam pretty good. Ideal opportunity to agree to be friends with the Super Lightwind 90. The S-Type 9.5. First tried, then the Select S11 Deboichet 63 cm 61 cm. Wind rose slowly to the 9.5 really was too large. Stopped to forces to spare for the weekend. Very useful training. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) There was warm weather: 20 degrees and East wind. A lot of acquaintances. Started the Syncro 5.9 103 with Duke. Then for the first time since my accident back full count with the Warp 7.0 dangers. That went very well. Top day, big smile. I can turn full count with the Warp 7.0. It was nice and warm, the Sun was delicious. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) WNW predicted, perfect for the Grevelingendam. By work I couldn't asked his, so an evening session. For the first time since long again my favorite slalom set of hazards: iSonic 7.0 101 and Warp. Few different fins tried. Also the Trans-Am 6.6. It was cold, winter suit away, cap and even gloves were needed. There was whose on the grevelingendam, not fine. Luckily no rain, or hail, and lots of Sun. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Last day of El Medano, a little more wind than yesterday: For cambers chosen: S-Type SL 6.6 on the Goya Bolt 105. That was full-on, in the beginning really borderline in terms of sailing large and then big waves. Perfect hard weather training. Walked around all day with a smile, what am I glad that I turn on this level. El Medano was fun, 5 of the 8 days. Lovely weather, 20 to 25 degrees, most days with shorty dangers. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Unexpectedly however, wind, not much but still had to can. First the NCX 7.0, which was clearly too small. After that I could happily the Falcon 136 with Warp 8.4 F2017 suits, it was minimal, but could with good pumps much planing. Then to the side gone and the AHD AFS-1, a foil board getting caught. First with an Ezzy 6.1, but it was too small. Then again with the NCX 7.0. Now getting enough pressure. Foilen is damn hard, and very vemoeiend. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) First weekend of the Regiocup South, Saturday training. Wind was ONO predicted. Today no technique training, but just short races. 24 participants. All day long the Daytona 9.0 on the iSonic 127 dangers. 10 heats hazards, often it went pretty good, some starts ruining, and damage hazards at a buoy. It was good to see that I'm with the guys sub-top can join. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) There was light weather forecast, the wind was harder, with the Warp 8.0 was the full-power. Kinda similar to the last time, but then just a little less hard causing the 8.0 never was too large. First the Boss 44 cm hazards, then the SLP 42 cm. Well on jibes trained. Weather was not foggy, but certainly not cold. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.