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I arrived to find some windsurfers struggling in the 40-45kn SW winds. I stubbornly chose to rig my 4.2m sail, though it was too big for the conditions even with max trim. The gusts were nearly unmanageable. After switching to my 3.7 sailing was good and I was able to handle the gusts. Managed to land some backside hits. I enjoyed discovering the potential of the Thruster 81 combo. Next time I'll be sure to bring my old AHD too, for some back-to-back comparison! [Read...]

I had a great start to the season today. It was dry with solid SW winds, forecasted to be between 35-48 knots. Most surfers were sailing with 3.2-3.5 sails, I used the 4.2 and the Goya Thruster 81. The waves were beautiful, with some long lines for a couple of backside hits. Jumping conditions weren't the best, but still some nice jumps. Wind picked up later on which made it necessary to trim the sail in further, but the Banzai 4.2 had a great range. I sailed until I was completely exhausted - the perfect start to the season! [Read...]

In recent months, if SW winds were predicted, it always changed to south or even SSE. Fortunately not today. Sailed with the Banzai 5.3 with Wave Slate 96 and 20/12cm MFC fins Not cold at all, sailed in a dry period, between large showers. Wind turned a bit, but was not too gusty. Was a nice year ending. [Read...]

Forecast: starting Friday afternoon all weekend strong wind NW, up to 40 knots. But with a lot of rain. Tried to sail with the Banzai 4.7 and Goya One 95. Perhaps worst/most difficult day ever. 35 to 40 knots predicted and then having to wait for the wind more then sailing. Thick showers and wind: so occasionally there was wind for 10 minutes and then completely gone for a while. Did I mention hail already. [Read...]

After the holiday finally some wind again. Sailed with the Banzai 5.3. Started with the JP Wave Slate 96, first time. Wind seemed to be too minimal for the Slate. Switched to the Goya One 95. Unfortunately few good waves. But the wind was lovely and with this sun and temperature it was like being abroad. Still many people on the beach and in the water. [Read...]

In the afternoon other plans, so a short session. Sailed the Banzai 4.7 with Goya One 95. Directly planing form the beach. 4.7 clearly correct size, only slightly adjusted the outhaul once. It was short, but tasty. Too bad about the rain at the end. My front-side waveriding is improving. [Read...]

Good north wind forecasted for the end of the afternoon, with sun, so chance of a nice afternoon at Brouwersdam south. Sailed with Banzai 5.3 and Goya One 95. I got to test the Puls 110 and 95 from Henk. A lot of waveriding, some long lines so even 3 hits were sometimes possible. Sailed until I was completely empty. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening session. [Read...]

Forecast: 35 to 45 knots SW, 11 degrees and chance of rain: Banzai 3.7 with AHD Power Wave 253. I did everything to have more control. Board had control. Sail was big in the hard gusts, but in the end also controlable. It was tough, I sailed much too tensed in the beginning, so tired quickly. Gusts were extreme. With 4 men it was very quiet on the water. [Read...]

Forecast was grey but dry and 28 to 35 knots. On the way to the coast the sky slowly turned blue, in the end it was sunny almost all afternoon. Sailed with the Tri-Wave 89, combined with the Banzai 4.7 and 4.2. Lovely waveriding and jumping. Great day, especially when the sun was shining it was not cold at all. Wonderfully sailing. Especially together with Henk in the surf was really nice. [Read...]

Last days of the year, forecast: wind and 10+ degrees. Autumn was relatively bad. Sailed with Banzai 4.2 and Triwave 89. Set worked very well. Control and range very good. A bit of back-side riding. Waves never high enough for front-side. It was nice to really sail with a small sail again. [Read...]

Pieter Bijl was photographed, up close, with a North Sails XOver proto. I haven't seen any pictures from that close. [Read...]

.Photo for: North Sails Proto from up close.

After a nice Friday afternoon/evening wind was predicted for the entire Saturday. In the morning some showers, so after that it should be very good. Sailed with the Goya One Pro 95, Banzai 4.7 with 19/11 thruster set. In the beginning the wind was still fairly gusty, started with minimum trim, ended with over max trim. Waves were a bit variable, depending on the wind strength and direction: sometimes nice waves for waveriding. Sailed all day with the same set. Stopped because there was a heavy shower coming. I should have changed to the 4.2, at the end the 3.7 would have been better. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

Forecast: all day 20 to 22 knots of wind, turning SSW to WZW. Started with the Goya One Pro 95 and Banzai 4.7, ended with the TriWave 89 and Banzai 4.2. Best waveriding so far: back-side to front-side ending wit a perfect lip hit. It was great, especially after 16:30 when the sky turned blue, the wind direction perfect, finally again. I should have switched to the 4.2 much earlier. That was much better and less tiring. That perfect front-side hit, I'll have a smile on that for a very long time to go. Sunday hopefully again z'n day. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

finally: SSW to SW 20 to 32 knots predicted: looking forward to it. Sailed with Fanatic Tri-Wave 89 with Banzai 4.2 and MFC 19/10cm fins. Wind started south. With the tide came in, the waves become more fun, waveriding, more jumping. I made a couple of front-side attempts. It was a lovely day. The wind was gusty, waves often not great, but finally the right direction. The Tri-Wave certainly did not disappoint with the 4.2. Next time more head-to-head testing with the JP FSW 84 to compare them. [Read...]

NNE 19 to 21 kts wind predicted, perfect for Brouwersdam south. First time with the Goya One 3 Pro 95 at sea. Sailed with my Banzai 5.3 and MFC 21/12cm fins. Wind was super constant. A lot of nice waves to jump and some for wave riding. Fins might have been a little large. Jumping took some getting used to: shorter board. Waveriding was great: board turns tight without spintouts, especially for a board this size. Sailed until I was completely empty. Unfortunately little to no sun, but otherwise a perfect afternoon, enjoyed! Hopefully I will be able to sail the Goya One 3 Pro 95 at sea again soon. Next time hopefully with SW wind. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

For today strong winds predicted, SW, should be a beautiful day at sea. Good time to test the Tri-Wave 89, along with the Banzai 4.2. Started with MFC 19/12cm fins. Board sailed a lot better than last time, other fins, different footstraps. A lot of waveriding, a bit of jumping. Wind became stronger and more gusty. Water chaotic during incoming tide. Tried some other fins: MFC 19/10cm, which seemed to give more control, although the wind also seemed to have decreased and sea more calm. It was cold, unfortunately no sun. Wind was strong an very gusty. [Read...]

Forecast had already diminished a bit in the morning. On arrival, it didn't seem as extreme either. Rigged the Banzai 4.2, sailed with the AHD 253 and the JFSW 84. Reasonable waves to jump and wave to ride. In terms of wind a repeat of yesterday, with the 4.2 clearly a better choice. Wind was eventually directly onshore and that with a nearly 1 meter shore break it was a bit tricky to get out. Which of course some surfers didn't see or know were thrown back on the beach by the waves. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

Winds would turn from south to southwest around 1 to 2 and increase. Started with the JP FSW 84 and 4.7, wrong choice, too small. Slugging back to the beach and walk of shame back over the beach. Took the FSW 102, wind came back quickly. Took the FSW 84 again. Until the wind was really too hard: 3.7 on the FSW 84. Not the right choice, back to 4.7. Was quite entertaining, but definitely not my best day. I always seemed to be just wrong about it in terms of material choice. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

In the afternoon wind, in the morning rain, so was at the dam around 13:30. Sailed with the FSW 84 and Banzai 4.2 with different fins. Today rigged the 4.2 on the CAAS mast. Wind came straight from the south, as always not the best wind for the Blokkendam, going out sometimes nice waves to jump and to inside some waves for nice back-wind wave riding. Wind turned slowly to SW, jumping was often good over both directions. Sailed until I was completely done. Great afternoon, lovely sailing. Pretty good conditions, warm, only the wind direction was not perfect and therefore gusty. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.