Roberts Blog

(machine translated in 2018) We sat all weekend on aquadelta, just to be sure my surf stuff, you never know. Almost no wind and warm weather all weekend. Sunday but going to try. Got to the boat, that was the nearest spot where the wind direction still was reasonable. There was the best pressure, many speed boats with waterskieers. Choice was easy: Formula, so my F2 FX get caught with my Warp 11.0. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Same forecast as for yesterday, so again O/NO and a lot of Sun, it remains special to than a match. Rise today was lower. The race officials now had a downwind slalom course explained: Always more fun to sail, after part is that if the wind turns the race longer silent is to Captivate all good again. Contest sometimes better sometimes less than yesterday. A few very nice starts, including 1 x false started and 1 heat missed. But not at all cases during the heats and also almost all gybes by geplaneerd. It was a great weekend with super weather and a very fun match, unfortunately I walk now limp. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) For everyone the first game of the season. Prediction: 18 a 22 knots O/NO and lots of Sun! It was pressure, when I 9:00 (early for my doing) on the Grevelingendam came out it was already very busy. There were 100 participants, including: many surfers from the Belgian and Dutch toppers including: Nadan Dripped, Dennis Littel, Jordy Spark, Dirk doppenberg, Kay van Berlo, Pascal van Someren, Patrick van Hoof, Wolfgang Draschner etc etc. .. That would be a tough game going to be, I will be really a miracle find if I was in the top 20 a 25 visit. [Read...]