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(machine translated in 2018) Started with Formula SlalomFormula later was on the brink, GT85 is not suitable for light formula. Formula: Race 1: went bad, fortunately I only have 1 button. Formula: Race 2: a little more wind, could reasonably well the button: 2deFormula: Race 3: good wind, Upwind I could almost follow Andrea: 2nd. Slalom: Heat 1: Good race, good fight with Alexander Verhage. Slalom: Heat 2: too little wind at the start, did not come in plane: 9deSlalom: Heat 3:2 x cheat! Though Nadwi and Jordy with it pulled. :-) The 2012 contest season is drawing to a close: 5th in the Slalom in the Formula in the Silverfleet Goldfleet and 2nd! Very happy with the result. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) At the end of October is very late in the season for a competition: the whole morning to cold and also a big hailstorm. Could only begin in the afternoon. The entire afternoon with the Warp 8.6 GT85 and dangers. Set did well, only came sometimes what speed to short, little mistakes. Although we started with very cold weather it was a wonderful afternoon slalom. More tomorrow. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Today's slalom, with only 3 valid races until today could much remains to be decided. 1st elimination: semifinal, then Runners up final. Bad start: no wind: 6de2de Elimination: semi-finals not met: Loosers final: Was too early, had to full on the brake and then from standstill again accelerator. Everyone had to catch up, in retrospect I was even false. 3rd elimination: qualification: Very heavy seeding: 4 toppers: mn best, but got Adrie and Pieter did not address: Loosers Final: Tomas Vincent was in, but I had a good heat, remained Tomas for: 1steTop day, and certainly to the end it went top. Was cosy. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) First day light winds: Formula and for me the Race board. Race 1: good start, as first the: 1steRace 2: this time it was Tons. Together as 1st and 2nd at the above buoy: 1steRace 3: another good race, not mn best start: 1steRace 4: all of a sudden Was parked between all the Technos. So wait, tack, wind, road race shortened, behind all the technos ge finished. Race 5: With just purchased 50 cm dangers. Was well away, race cut short: 1steHeerlijk hazards. Wind is minimal. Supreme WRT the Technos, too bad there is no other race boards. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) I was already on Friday to the lauwersmeer, chance to go. No/hardly any wind so my Race board: CAT 380 with R-Type 9.5 rigged and in the rain a good round of dangers about the lauwersmeer. It seems from the side smaller than on the map. There are a lot of islands in the Lake that is sure during a game in the way leaving little possibilities in terms of race track. Good to here to have done. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) My first GPA, a famous match with many participants, 2 a 3 laps on the Westeinderplassen. There was good weather predicted, Sun, wind (gusty) and still warm. Jerome would use my new CAT 380, he has a lot more competition experience on racing boards. I took my trusted Team with 9.5 R-Type, went pretty good, knew the water not not tactically and made the best choices. Have fun match dangers, but certainly had higher may end up. After the game for the first time itself on my CAT 380, what a difference. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) Have gotten to test what Makani Kauila fins. Today with the iSonic 101 with Warp 7.0 dangers and Makani Kauila HW 34 cm and 36 cm tested against a C3 Venom 36 cm and Select S07 33 cm. Was very interesting and instructive afternoon. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Minimal wind predicted: 12 a 14 knots just enough for slalom. Heats 1 to 3: not the best starts, and wrong vin, 56 cm gave too little elevator, so speed too low. Heats 4 through 7: Starts went better and speed too, only the top 4 I could really not. Heats 8 t/m 10:8th heat just went well again. 9th too late at the start. 10th: false start. It was a lovely day, was not top fit by a touch of the flu last week. Starts better, but jibes went top, not cases and almost everything doorgeplaneerd. [Read...]