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(machine translated in 2018) First Schotsmancup: my first time, so in the Goldfleet against the top ones, so I had to bake. 10 heats hazards, 1 x first (very proud), quite often become 4th and, eventually, 4th today. All day sun and now a burnt head. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) My goal for 2012 was the NK Slalom: not last. Results of the first contest is finally inside: 29th. (37 surfers). [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) My first NK, cold weather, but a good wind. Location: Lelystad Houtrib locks Beautiful spot, lots of open water and free wind. We have 2 eliminations dangers. Both times I came across not just through the first round, you had to top 5, both times 6th. First time poel-des-death, so reasonable chance, second time mainly due to a bad start. First Loosers Final a false start, so last. 2nd Loosers Final a really bad start, as the last road, but after a bold overtaking race anyway as 5th inside and that felt pretty good, but I know that I can better. I was still what rusty and some careful with my back, which it did very well by the way, no longer experience. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) A friend called me, here favorite wave board was cracked, it was leaking water from a crack close to the mast rail. Turns out, the paint and the fiber or the deck next to the mast rail are warn-off, revealing the core of the board. So water could seep in. If you own a RRD wave board, or any other wave board with wear from the baseplate, read this! Repair the board before water gets in. [Read...]

Forecast: North 4, with 7 to 8 degrees, cold but should be doable. It was not very busy. I sailed with iSonic 111 and 7.8. Step up and flying, nice in the flat water of the bay. Soon I started to get cold, felt stiff, cold fingers, despite my mittens, pain in my back. Not my day, and that does not happen often, cold, not really nice wind and trouble with my back, after the car ride home it was now really stuck, will be a few days of pain, and maybe a while not surfing. And that with my first Dutch Championship next weekend: SUCKS! [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Wind forecasts for 1st or April were not good, 6 to 10 kts. Organisation announced that only the Techno, RS: X, Race boards and Formula classes would compete, no Slalom, so no competition for me. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Prediction looked good in terms of wind, 18 a 22 knots, but cloudy and just a 6 degrees. After some chores at home yet but there Zealand gone. There it turned out the weather weather better than voospeld, clear blue sky and not very cold by 10 degrees. The whole afternoon with my iSonic 101 and Warp 7.0 dangers. When the wind something waned my Warp 7.8 still get caught, but the wind came back very fast so the 7.0 again getting caught. Tasty within the members changed into uniform in the new dressing room of Kabbelaarsbank value (free). Top afternoon. Post on Facebook a few very very nice pictures of found myself, made by Hans Saavedra. [Read...]

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