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Again there was no wind forecasted, so again the Regiocup Zuid (Southern Dutch Championship) was canceled. To bad, was really looking forward to some competition. But the weather here is great, so hanging around with friends. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Last weekend (12 and 13 May) there was no to very low wind predicted: No wind means, No competition. RegioCup South was canceled, North One Hour was sailed but with very little wind. I used the weekend to clean/check/repair my windsurfing equipment, and hangout/party with non-windsurfing friends in town. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) NK, and it's cold again, wind was doubtful, they N/NO prediction, but from experience I know that who just wants to stay at sea. Not very wind in the morning, my first rakjes on my Ultra Cat dangers because there were no heats hazards: get used to it, troublesome. Then 1 Elimination Slalom GT85 hazards with Warp 8.6. First preliminary round survives. The Semifinal missed because I was late, and the runnersup began also not good, I fell silent in the middle of the field at the start and so it became a catch up: 19th. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Again a day race board. Now with the 9.5, begins to get used to it, waves were lower and that makes it easier. Wind was a little varirend, sometimes completely silent than wind 20 knots. Still a lot of control zn race board. Not all races dangers, wind was too hard for the beautiful. My wave board with 5.9 get caught and still ff lekker in the waves played. [Read...]

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