(machine translated in 2018) Finally there was a prediction for storm. Flood would be late, so again no hurry and just before high tide. Was busy, many well known. After ff consultation the AHD with Voodoo, the 3.7 3.7 getting caught is on the small side, but often also very good. At the end took the wind. By dangers until I was empty. Nice day though. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) Really wanted at sea sailing, wind fell against, so to Kabbelaarsbank. Beautiful day to 122 for the first time to test deiSonic. isonic 122 and Warp 7.8 dangers, first time, so trim search, foot straps, fins try tweaking. Started the Deboichet SL2 42 cm under it, seems to me a good vin for this combination. Didn't feel super. Foot bands stood not tasty. Some were too wide, at some bolts missed the anti-twist plates. Tectonics Talon 42 cm tried. Felt good, speed seemed fine, board runs pretty loose. MAKANI Kauila 42 cm: first time, broken spinouts on speed. On the side the print of the smooth sanded: that helps, spinouts road. It was good to once again to train slalom, the iSonic 122 seems to work fine with the Warp 7.8. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) What a disappointment, there was already afraid of: no wind: Really nothing. The wind was really silent, so CAT 380 with the Simmer LE Race 9.0 rigged in minimal trim. It was so calm that I could not even get the starting line. No pressure. Fortunately it was with no wind also start for tricky and there was a massive false start. At the 2nd start attempt I was sitting pretty. But yes, try yet again to get away without wind. After fifteen minutes or so I was so fed up. Sailing on the back, with legs sailing in balance, out of the water, paddling with the sword. That went a lot faster. The SUPs making those pictures went faster: I stop there with it, am quiet paddling back to the side. [Read...]