Roberts Blog

(machine translated in 2018) Today wind and warm enough, still fast sailing. On the brouwersdam was very quiet, only at the Kite spot there were people on the water, top spot, so there dangers. The whole afternoon with JP FSW 84 4.7 and Ice hazards. The 4.7 was great but never overpowered. After 2.5 hours full count there against to go I was empty and I stopped. Super nice dangers. Delicious jumped, sometimes very high. Nice wave riding. If this spot is available for surfers, I am sure more commonly found. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Busy upgrading my NC4400 laptop from 80 GB harddisk to a 500 Gb. Clone boot partition, put it on the 500 GB. Insert the Hard disk: Nothing. Try everything, remove battery, External Monitor, nothing. No BIOS, no beeps nothing, only Fan spinning. Search the Web. Memory? Okay, I had it removed to check the type and see if an easy cheap upgrade was possible. Re-installed it. Fixed! [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) It was high water with onshore winds, no beach more about. Against the dunes was no wind, on the water was hard. 3.7 dangers, but that was on the small side to the side. On the water went it though. High waves. Sometimes high jumps. [Read...]