Roberts Blog

(machine translated in 2018) In the run-up to the weekend there seemed to be no wind to come, last day for Saturday still predicts 10 knots. Eventually we got 8 to 22 knots of wind. With 11 Race boards/RS: X-and in a separate heat it was very great, exciting races, the rotating gusty wind made it difficult. All day with the CAT 380 and 9.5 R-Type hazards. 5 races, eventually become the 6th of 11. It could well maintain, always after 2 races a break was much needed. Condition is not yet on arrow. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) There was suddenly a prediction of ZW6 that even possibility of 8 on the coast gave. Number of hours free. The whole afternoon with my Power Wave 4.2 253 and Ice hazards. In the beginning certainly too big, later took the wind gradually, until I could only just planing with 4.2. Stopped, tired but satisfied. It was delicious, nice and warm even in the beginning. Good to agree with real good wind to sail. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) After a much too long winter finally surf weather. There was a beautiful South wind predicted and 20 degrees. Dangers with the 9.5 GT85 with R-Type, and with the iSonic and Duke 6.7. 9.5 6.7 in the beginning was way too big, kind of like on the small side. My condition is still bad. All in all, great to see on the water, condition, and is not what it used to be, but that again though. [Read...]