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(machine translated in 2018) Not to the NK in Lelystad, Bruce Springsteen this weekend. A few hours, there have been full for gone, little on the side, many jump and play in the waves. With the JP FSW 4.7 84 Pro and Ice hazards. A top afternoon had, was not long, but because I quite explosive hazards have I was really empty after 2.5 hours. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Nice breeze predicts. Beautiful day to chase on sea to sail. Many friendly surfers went to Kabbelaarsbank, but with the wind direction and force that was predicted: SW 25 kts, the Ice 4.2 dangers. Super day, unfortunately it went very hard blow at the end. Nice tight blue sky and so Sun! [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) 2nd day: regiocup in water. Elimination 1-preliminary round: too little wind, stood still: Loosers Final: false. Elimination 2-preliminary round: bad start, parked at the start: Loosers Final: Finally a good race. 4th. Elimination 3-preliminary round: mistake after the first buoy. Loosers Final: I is tired, fall at a buoy and loss many places. Elimination 4-preliminary round: excessive heat, too much toppers: Loosers Final: mistake at the first buoy, weather swimming. Not my best game weekend, long time since I so bad have dangers. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Regiocup on sea, high winds and sunny. Started with 101 and Warp iSonic 7.0 Elimination 1: missed the start: Loosers Final: false start. Elimination 2: preliminary round missed, omtuigen: Loosers Final: late again at the start. Elimination 3: preliminary round: not good, Trim board did not quiet. Loosers Final: got cramp on the last stretch. All up. It was heavy, very heavy. Wind was hard and I do not fit. And then also on sea with big waves, made it all easier. [Read...]