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(machine translated in 2018) There was only to mid-11 wind predicted. Started with JP FSW 5.9, 84 with Duke went pretty good. After a sandwich seemed the wind less, so the Duke get caught on the iSonic 101 6.7. Cruising, weather, enough wind for planing. Gybejes practiced a lot although I find that quite tricky to plane upwind with the Duke 6.7. It was tasty, water and air are nice and warm, had easy in my shorty can sail today. [Read...]

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Warm and wind: busy with sunbathers. Broke my Platinum 460 during rigging of the Warp 7.8. As an alternative took the the iSonic 6.7 111 with Duke: cruising. Later the wind picked up: nice chance to test the Quad 81 (with Duke 5.9) Water is very flat, not the best for the Quad. Took the JP FSW 84 to compare, that seems to be the better choose in these circumstances compared to the Quad. It was delicious, the whole afternoon/evening in sailed in my Shortys, first time ever with a lot of wind and even that was warm. [Read...]