Roberts Blog

(machine translated in 2018) There was wind predicted, but lasted the afternoon kakte prediction and the wind in 9.5. at home, 3.7. In places, the wind. GT85 with Warp 8.6 and Drake 60 cm. Could sometimes a piece of planing, but was just too little wind. Really had the 9.5. Waiting for wind the Warp 7.8 rigged ff, ff slats again trimming. With the Deboichet 64 cm there under tried. Helped nothing, just too little wind. Sometimes is it, today so not really. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Patrick is again frantically at the surfenm, turns games. time to train together with Warp 7.0 and Venom iSonic 101.36 cm: in terms of speed equal, came up short with high walk. Vin exchanged for the S07 35 cm: much better, could equal height walk again. John Coins also came with it. John was bigger: 7.8. At the end of the day GPS get caught: 55.7 km/h. very lovely weather, the day full sun, warm and good wind. [Read...]