(machine translated in 2018) There was a East wind predicted. Tested with the most with the iSonic 122 and Warp 7.8 Sonntag 40 cm dangers. Together with Patrick what trained, Patrick had to work very hard with his new TRx 7.7. Even once people had a lot smaller stood I could still keep the 7.8 on the water. Mel more trim Boss 38 cm there under: Wind road. isonic 127 (85 wide) still ff get caught, but that should really to no avail. Wind away! Good afternoon train. The combi iSonic 122 and Warp 7.8 seems very good. Can keep him long and jibing is also going in the chop not bad. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Day race board game, 4 boards and 4 RS: X race-and, it was a fun match. Dangers with CAT 380 with R-Type 9.5. Heat 1 bad start, duh,,, first race of the season. The competition underestimated, which guests were away and not seen. Not used to race boards that really. Heat 2, far too late to cross the finish line. Bad heat, came there again not at nearby. In race 3, I knew one of the other race boards. In race 4, the RS: X and in problems by less wind and I could there any 2 of catch up. Race 5 did not really good. made a few errors which I overvaarde a buoy. Thought it was quite a nice day, 4 race boards certainly makes it more exciting. [Read...]