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(machine translated in 2018) Neil Pryde has a nice video posted with Antoine Albeau that tuning tips for slalom sailing. Highly recommended, even I still have learned something. Hopefully more [Read...]

.Photo of: Sail Tuning hints by AA.

(machine translated in 2018) There was up to hour or 1 wind predicted, so early to Zeeland. ISonic 122 started with Warp 7.8 and Boss 40 cm and dangers to the wind fell away. Boss like it equals good. Freek wanted a 9.5 testing, so my R-Type on loan. 380 the CAT itself with Simmer Race rigged and 9.0 together with Peter Ossehoek done a round around. Wind rose rapidly and full-power, half wind did not more. Be full-speed downwind back to the side. Then ff with the GPS on the CAT dangers. Beautiful day, what a happiness that the wind so long remained. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Let in zeeland. Wind fell against, everyone still on the side. JP FSW 84 Pro 5.3 to side with Ice packed, little wind, continue on hard bouts. Clouds went away, wind went to: AHD Power Wave 253 with Voodoo 3.7 In the beginning gusty, difficult come off to the side, but on the water well. Soon took the wind and it was on the water survive in the gusts. GE with a high spring that unplanned back-loop. Wonderful to weather a day sea/storm to have had, especially when the Sun came was the weather. [Read...]

You plan a speedsurfing day, you bring the Missile, but forget the fins: STUPID! Sailed the S-Type 104 with Warp 5.7 and Venom 30cm. The gusts were strong, very, very strong. Unfortunately, the wind was also at square angle to the dam, so you had to bear off wind from the dam for high speeds. In the beginning a few very fast runs, up to 67.8 km/h. Then made an attempt to sail a good fast Nautical Mile. At home I looked up my current PR, I was 67.2 km/h so I was over that: New PR. The 2 sec was: 69.32 km/h, unfortunately just under 70. Nice to have focused on speed again. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) quite the week wind and pressure at work. So enjoy a evening session with it. From 18:00 it would go storms. Rain radar gave dry weather. That storm came, the rain continued. After ff wait and eat in the car, doubted about the sail size and to be sure the rigged 5.3. Wind rose rapidly, unfortunately and thereby was the 5.3 really too big. Have ever had better surf sessions. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.