(machine translated in 2018) Monday afternoon with N/NW predicts, so to KabbelaarsbankHeel the afternoon with 122 and Warp 7.8 iSonic dangers. Gijpjes train, find good trim, different fins testing. Boss SL-P, Sonntag 4.21 40 cm 40 cm and Boss 4.3 38 cm. Weather was not very good, but water was nice and warm. Delicious trained, learned a lot, can the board ever harder. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) In response to the high prices that surf shops nowadays ask for vin inserts make them yourself and Muiderberg Team sells them now for unbeatable prices. I have them order right!


(machine translated in 2018) Summers stormpje. Smallest boardje from the cart, had to sail 4.2, smallest boom. Together with the guys from the surf Center hazards. It was 15 degrees not hot, water was 19 degrees so there in traps was delicious. 4.2 was actually just too big. Yet dangers, was too long ago. [Read...]