(machine translated in 2018) Prediction: this morning was still wind, to hour or 1, then quickly decreasing. So I was early in Zeeland. Only a single surfer at Kabbelaarsbank. Few hours tested many different fin configurations under JP FSW 84 Pro 4.7 with the Ice. I start to feel reasonably at which fins good and which work less. Which fins for which and when work well. Very happy with the extra options under the JP FSW 84 Pro. It was delicious sunny. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Finally the converted 84 Freestyle Wave Pro with Thrusters test. Few hours with the Ice block dam on the dangers arising from the 84 5.3 FSW. Wind direction to southern for the lowdown. Number of different setups tried. Very fun and educational. It was less hot than yesterday, but have certainly not had cold. Wind was good, unfortunately he fell away quickly. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Few hours at Natural High dangers, very quiet, but just light winds. With the Ice 5.3 on the Syncro 103 dangers. Too many floated around, difficulty with altitude. The weather was good, had better deal with the 6.6. But nice to get on the water. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) On the Grevelingendam turned out to be the the WSW at 5 mph, always tricky. So opted for a slightly larger set. isonic 101 with the Trans-Am 6.6, only bought to see if a better fit than the more free race 6.6 me pure freeride Natural. Unfortunately with not paying attention with rig up: in the middle of the Grevelingen: pop, sailing slack. First reaction: cleaner string broken, torn sail? No, top put out through the top of the mast trunk! Oops. Should bother surfing back to the side, there turned out to be there. Again rigging and go. Not the best day, cold, many rain, first hour was the best. [Read...]