(machine translated in 2018) First day of vacation and immediately much wind predicted, at Windsurfing Bonifacio a set of rented and there a few hours class. RRD Freestyle Wave 94 and 106 with a RRD Move 4.7. Flat crystal clear water, reasonably warm temperature and a gusty offshore winds. A sand bank to a bit to jump on small waves. The surf centre has a very nice view of the relaxed and friendly. It was enjoy, beautiful environment, Sun, nice and warm. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) There was quite the weekend wind predicted, cosy with Martijn and Jeroen dangers. Started the Syncro 103 with Natural 6.6, which I wanted to very much like testing, in retrospect this set was just too small for the beautiful. The iSonic 117 with Daytona 7.8 was there in against perfect. By dangers to the wind and myself were on. This was the last session for the holidays. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Tomorrow is the colder, do it fast. Almost no wind upon arrival, wind took all day. Dangers with the iSonic 117 with S10 45 cm and Daytona 7.8. Wind was in the beginning very gusty and woozy, with the cold come better wind. The chop was firm and it was set too large, in the Bay class for a while. Post something to fanatic dangers, I would still take it easy to do. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) 25 degrees predicts, BBQ on the water. Little wind with gusts. isonic 9.5 rigged with 127 S-Type (for the first time). Was waiting for the gusts, then I could with what pumps be planing. Afterwards I had just as good on the side. It was very hot. [Read...]

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