(machine translated in 2018) Surfing with Juanfer day 2, this time at sea. W/SW predicts. I Syncro 103 with Ice, Juanfer 5.3 4.7 the FSW 84 with Ice. Weird weather, wind turned NW, awkwardly at the block dam. The rain had not needed today, but the wind was good. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Surfing with Juanfer day 1. I started with the iSonic 127 and Daytona 7.8 and later the Mistral Syncro 5.9 103 with Duke. 7.3 the iSonic Juanfer 117 with Spirit. Even when I was full-power with the sailing was Juanfer 5.9 (10 kg lighter) still on the 117 with the 7.3: "I'm fine, it is narrower then the 9.5 I'm used to." Was a very fun day, was very cozy with Juanfer. Class, good weather. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) S2 Maui test day on the Kabbelaarsbank. isonic 117 with Daytona 7.8 dangers and a while the S2 Maui Banshee 7.6 tested: airy and easy sailing sailing. Class with the Daytona 7.8 on the 117, and fine I Fabienne with the Daytona still tracking. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) End of the afternoon wind predicted, so a few hour packed with the meat. 6.6 on the iSonic 101 natural hazards, for the first time agree with carbon fins. Was a nice evening, wind was gusty, but was good. Bad news: Benno and Fabienne I could not keep with the Natural. Jibes I can happily still better. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) We had agreed to go surfing and surf with friends after a BBQ. It was very busy on the Kabbelaarsbank. Started with the iSonic 101 with Natural 6.6 and S10 37 cm, which was often far too great. But wind was very gusty, and behind the port it was worse. Then the Syncro with Ice 5.3 getting caught. Yet but wise the extra volume 5.3, seemed like a good idea with this gusty wind. Was delicious, easy. It was not the best surfing day of the year, before that it was the wind way too gusty. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) Another day with wind predicted, another afternoon of smoking. Wind similar, so again for the same set of chosen: JP Freestyle Wave 84 with 5.3 Ice but now with the Select Wave Warrior 24 cm. Wind was on the water less, giving you more west parallel to the side and so also compared to the waves. Few very beautiful waves know. 3 a 4 hits, even a aerial-of-the-lip done. Was pretty quickly tired, not crazy to yesterday. Was a nice afternoon, plenty of sunshine, fairly constant breeze, there were nice wavy. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Grey, but dry afternoon browsing the Brouwersdam. 1 set used: JP Freestyle Wave 84 with 5.3 Ice and Makani Kaku 26cmIn first it was low tide, waves, barely at the end was the flood and the waves were also gone. First time with the Kaku 26 cm: after sanding the print a top fin. Sometimes I had better with the 4.7. The 5.3 was often too big for the good one. [Read...]