(machine translated in 2018) Finally a good SW predicted. Because of conversion of my JP FSW 84 Pro I had to borrow a board: M. Fanatic Freewave 86, thereupon the Ice 4.7. Still on M. JP Freestyle Wave sail, 84 Pro 2013 fun, I now look forward to my own converted FSW with extra thrusters. Wind rose significantly and even here at my JP SingleThruster Pro 75. Not the best day of the year, wind fell out. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Late afternoon just enough wind to sail. Started with the iSonic 117 and my just purchased Warp 8.0, but there turned out to be the wind actually too minimal for. Nice moment to my JP Super 90 Lightwind give it a go try: S-Type 9.5. What is that thing big and especially wide in the back, who has a need, even the 70 cm long fin works really still under. It was a beautiful afternoon to light again to test stuff. [Read...]

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