Roberts Blog

All day 25 to 35 knots wind predicted. Sailed the JP FSW 84 with Ice 4.2 and K4 Rocket 18/12. Near shore little wind, further out more wind, but certainly not full powered. Sailed the 4.2 at minimum trim. Some nice jumps. Couple of times nice waveriding, but needed gusts for both. Sometimes wind briefly completely died, then I was happy when I could even waterstart. Wrong choice of sail, 4.7 was definitely better, think 5.3 might have worked as well. [Read...]

Today the wind would turn to SW and increase considerably. In the morning the wind was still south and not strong. Started with the iSonic 101 with E-Type 6.6 and SL-X 36cm. In The beginning little wind, but increased so much that the E-Type was too large. Also used the Busca 34cm. In the harder wind sailed with the FreeWave 102 with Duke 5.9 and FreeWave 29cm untill that was also really too big. Too tired to get rig a smaller sail: stopped. Unfortunately this day only came at the end of the week, but that didn't make it any less fun. SW, Sun and nice wind, delicious. [Read...]