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Finally a good surfing day. Wind at the Blokkendam was a bit disappointing. Sailed with JP SingleThruster 99 with Ice 5.3 and 21/13,5cm fins Wind was just too strong for the 5.3 at the beginning, at the end floating to the beach. Was a very good day, not cold at all. Sailed a lot without cap and gloves. Sometimes a short light shower. But certainly first hour of lovely sunshine. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

20 to 40 knots wind predicted, after a front with showers the wind would become slightly less but more stable. To be sure started with the large board: JP SingleThruster 99 with Ice 4.7 and Select 21cm/K4 12cm fins. In the beginning a hard catapult. In the beginning, sailed with maximum trim, ended with less than minimum trim. First real winter session of the season. With a sleek blue sky it wasn't cold, wind good. Nice few hours of sailing. [Read...]