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In 2019 North Sails windsurfing changed its name to Duotone. As a fan of North Sails, I didn't like it. North Sails is coming back now. Pieter Bijl has been spotted prototypes for a while now, now there are official photos. They are based on the 3Di technique. These should be lighter and more durable [Read...]

.Photo for: North Sails is back..Photo for: North Sails is back..Photo for: North Sails is back..Photo for: North Sails is back.

Forecast was max 8 degrees in the afternoon and WNW, so perfect for the Grevelingendam. Jurjen was sailing with 5.3, so took the Banzai 4.7. Good opportunity to try my own Goya One 3 Pro 95. Used the original 21/11cm fins. Nice board, enough volume, jumps easy, only in the air I notice that I have to get used to it. It was cold, but with the sun it was ok. Unfortunately not the perfect wind direction, but nice sailing. Very happy with the One 95. [Read...]

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After yesterdays storm, today WNW 5 bft, perfect conditions for Grevelingendam, no sun and therefore slightly colder. Sailed the FSW 102 with Banzai 6.0, had to use the AL360 180-230 boom. Started with minimum trim. Slowly the wind increased. Increased the trim, took a smaller vin, that helped. Later changed to the lower outhaul. Trim range of the Banzai is really huge. It was fun, a little cruising. Nice to have sailed on the Grevelingendam again. [Read...]

Again a lot of wind, with Jeroen went to Kabbelaarsbank, where Jurjen later also joined. Sailed AHD with 3.7 and Wave Warrior 22cm again. Wind was strong, especially in the gusts sometimes spicy. Lovely jumping in the low steep waves. Gybing went clearly better than Thursday. Sailed until I started bobbing/sinking too often with the AHD, not a good idea: time to stop. It was lovely, not too gusty, lots of sun, but colder than Thursday. [Read...]

Forecast was 9 bft in the morning it turned out that the wind in the afternoon would be less extreme. Water looked like there was a storm, foam flying through the air: AHD with Banzai X 3.7. It was still high tide, so big shore break. I was far too tense at first. After a break, things got better. Sailed until I stood still too often, with the extra Corona kilos the AHD sank even faster, so wise moment to stop. I was pretty tired, too. It was a great afternoon. Lots of sun, wind a little extreme. Bit rusty. [Read...]

Sailed together with Jeroen at Kabbelaarsbank. I sailed with the iSonic 101 and E-Type 6.6. Wind was mainly at the other side of the lake, so sailed on other side most of the time. A lot of seals seen just about every rakje there was a head above water somewhere. I have seen a lot of Seals today, almost every run I could see a head above water somewhere. Sailed until the sun was almost gone and the temperature dropped rapidly. It wasn't very long, wind certainly wasn't ideal, but it was nice to have been back on the water. Lots of sun, 10 degrees when I started. [Read...]