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Prediction only became less. Upon arrival, nobody was planing. Sailed with iSonic 117 and S-Type 8.3. The 8.3 turned out to be a good choice, could almost always plane. Certainly not the wind that had been predicted, but with a lot of sun it was a wonderful November afternoon. No gloves or cap needed. Not even used my winter shoes. [Read...]

Wind direction was predicted W/NW: perfect for the Grevelingendam, sometimes this can give nice chop for jumping. Sailed with JP FSW 102 and Banzai 6.0. It was a nice day: lots of sun, constant wind: Fun! [Read...]

Prediction was 20 to 30 knots W/SW, wind was rather S/SW and 18 to 22 knots. Wind would increase, so rigged the 5.3. Sailed with: Goya One Pro 95 and Banzai 5.3. The 5.3 was a bit small for the conditions. Wind was disappointing, more was predicted. No sun or rain, but not really cold either. [Read...]

Forecast: rain, normally enough reason not to go to Zeeland. But I hadn't sailed for long. There were an absurt amount of surfers, especially for late October. There was almost no parking space left. Sailed: iSonic 117 with S-Type 7.3 and SL-X 43cm. It was raining almost all the time, wind gusty. Certainly not a good day, but nice to have sailed again. [Read...]