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Forecast: north and increasing in late afternoon, normally typical summer weather, but now with only 12 degrees. Sailed with the Banzai 5.3 with F-Cross 113, first with the Patrik 32cm, later with the MFC 34cm. The F-Cross 113 didn't feel too big for the Banzai 5.3. Sailed until I was tired, condition still not back. It was nice. Gusty as always with north at Brouwersdam Zuid. I should have taken the 6.0. [Read...]

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Good SW wind forecast, increasing in the afternoon. Started with the Banzai 6.0 on the F-Cross 113, when the wind increased switched to the Banzai 4.7 and the One 95. With the F-Cross, wonderfully long runs. Water relatively flat. With the One 95, jumping and back-side waveriding. I sailed on until I was empty. Just been sick so condition hadn't returned yet. It was delicious. A bit gusty though. But with clear blue sky and wind from the right direction, it was lovely. [Read...]

Today more wind predicted than yesterday. Sailed with the 3.7 and tested with the Custom3 81 en AHD 253. Started with the Custom3, more work for the knees in the tricky chop. The AHD sails easier, but harder to jibe and to get planing. Both are fun for waveriding. The Chop was tricky, hardly any sun. Not really very cold either. It was wonderful to sail in a storm again. Good test of the 2 high-wind waveboards. That AHD remains a level apart. It was fun with many friends on the water. [Read...]

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Very good wind predicted in the afternoon. Used my Banzai 4.2 on the Wave Slate 96 with 18/12cm fins. Waves were still a bit low in the beginning, they slowly got higher, even half an hour really beautiful waves: long lines. After that, it became more chaos chop. After the wind decreased, I stopped. More wind tomorrow. Save a little energy. It was delicious. Clear blue sky, even if it was only 12 degrees, it didn't feel cold at all. Wind was a bit gusty, but because of the range of the Banzai I didn't have to change. Great day! [Read...]