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Prediction disagreed. Standard spot not reachable. Sailed with the Banzai 6.0 on the F-Cross 113 with Select 35cm Wind was disappointing: Really only bobbing. For a while constantly planing. Later, the wind subsided again. No other windsurfers seen. Unfortunately I only had 3 sails with me, I had left the trailer at home because I could not easily get it out of the garage today. With 25 degrees clear blue sky, it was wonderful weather. [Read...]

North wind, sunny and again increasing wind after 16:00. Very busy on the dam. Unfortunately, the wind was a bit disappointing. Sailed with the Banzai 5.3 on the FSW 102 with Makani 26cm. Water was fairly flat, so much more freeride, nice long runs, sailing with friends. Wind was disappointing. The weather was lovely, unfortunately the predicted wind did not really come. [Read...]

Last day of the Pentecost weekend and good wind: very busy. Sailed with the Banzai 4.7 with Goya One 95 and MFC 22.5/10 fins. Lots of waveriding and jumping. It was great. Sun, good wind and nice waves. It was really enjoyable. Never seen so many windsurfers at Brouwersdam zuid. A lot of friends on the water. [Read...]

Arrived at a busy dam with a lot of friends on the beach at the end of the ascension weekend. Wind wasn't strong yet but expected to increase. Started with a 5.3 on the F-Cross 113 board, tried different fins. Close to the beach, as always a bit less wind. Board went upwind a bit too easy with the bigger fins. Continued until tired, enjoying the warmer weather and nice session despite gusty wind and difficult chop. [Read...]

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