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Not a perfect prediction, Grevelingendam best for this prediction. Started with the Banzai 4.7 on the Goya One 95, wind was disappointing so switched to the F-Cross 113. Then the wind really came through and rigged the 3.7 on the Goya 81. Wind fell away again: not cool. No desire to wait or rig. With only 14/15 degrees it was not warm. A lot of showers and therefore very variable winds. Often just made the wrong choice in terms of stuff. Not my best day. [Read...]

Today's forecast: 36 knots of wind from the southwest. I started with the 4.2 sail on the JP Slate 96 board with a quad setup with my new MFC rear fins. The wind was strong, great for testing out the Slate as Quad. Waves were plentiful for back-side waveriding. As the tide came in, waves got bigger, up to 1.5 meters. Eventually, the wind became too strong for the 4.2 sail: switched to the Goya Custom Thruster 81 board but then the wind had dropped. I returned to the JP Slate 96 as the wind picked up. Overall, a great day on the water. Made a mistake with the Goya 81, would have been better to use it earlier. [Read...]

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