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Less and less large windsurfing sails

(machine translated in 2018) The new 2015 sails are for sale. What stands out, big sails seem to die out.
Take for example my favorite brand: North Sails, largest free race sail: S-Type SL 8.2 8.8, freeride: E-Type. Still great, large enough for most surfers. Remarkable, 10 years back had still the Daytona 10.5 North Sails in the program.
Neil Pryde has the largest free race sailing the Hornet: 8.7, Hellcat: 8.2. Pryde also had a V8 in 2004 a 10.5. in 2008 there was a v8 10.0.
Only the real slalom race sailing seem even to be made larger or 9.0. That, however, are much heavier than a lightweight 2 cam Freeride sail.
I have a feeling that they stop with this sailing because they think that there is no market for it.

Where light board get ever more focus: JP Super Lightwind or the Staboard Ultrasonic: 93 cm wide, wide tail of 64, 4 cm and a sailing range 7.5 to 12.0. Who asks precisely for a light 10.0 anyway.
When I look how many hours I have sailed with my delicious GT85 with R-Type 9.5. Planeerde (almost) every bit as fast as a Formula, but was much less physical to sail.

There really is a market for large not full slalom sailing. They are hardly for sale and if you they already think they are or expensive or sold quickly. The dump shops in Germany are also not full of great H2s and S-Types.
I don't get that they stop this large sizes.