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Flymounts can break

(machine translated in 2018) They look and feel indestructible, super solid. We trust our expensive GoPro's there: FlyMount!
Apparently they can still piece.

No, I have not mine demolished. If only it were so, I still cannot browse. (broken ribs)

But a buddy of mine: Rob has it though. Well Rob is certainly not the most radical, find Brouwersdam too violently. Can't recall that I've ever see him jump.
Yet it is the same Rob that are Flymount has demolished.

According to Rob: "it would be a catapult, last year. And then now with tightening the killing blow "

I'm guessing: too hard tightened, they do not at all so. Tightening until he pretty stuck, but little can move on the mast, sail must also be able to rotate.