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Measure heart rate during surfing

(machine translated in 2018) To mn condition to better train for windsurfing, I want my heart rate measuring while surfing. With all those things that would not so difficult nowadays FitBit.

Wrist heart rate monitors
Most activity trackers such as the simple FitBits cannot measure heart rate. And those who have heart rate can read almost all are not waterproof. There are some exceptions such as theMio Fuse. But if you read more about measuring heart rate through your wrist you read often that it is not reliable, or that the band very tightly in order to properly read. In addition, he would have to under the suit, and he gives you so very tight around your wrist. So I find that less suitable for surfing.

Chest heart rate monitors
For cycling I have good experience with a chest strap, is not annoying, don't notice that I him to have, and guess so that those also under a wetsuit out of the way. Advantage is also: If you crashed hard, the water pressure actually never directly at the heart rate meters, compared with the watch-like solution.
But a chest strap is actually always ANT or Bluetooth and must work together with a watch or phone. So there will also be a phone must be in a waterproof bag. I still have an old S4 mini. Unfortunately the heart rate meter of my bicycle computer an ANT and that is not supported by the S4 mini. So I will have to buy a Bluetooth heart rate meter. As a former developer of Bluetooth of course I have a soft spot for a Bluetooth solution.

Suunto Smart Sensor
Luckily I'm apparently not the only one who wants to measure heart rate in water. There are more and more solution for swimming. And of course no phone want to bring swimmers while swimming. In any case, the wireless link between transmitter and receiver is not or very poor in water. Therefore, Suunto Suunto Smart Sensor introduced a while back. Waterproof, Bluetooth and can record heart rate if a connection is more with the receiver, watch or the app. So that seemed perfect, so purchased.
The Smart Sensor is a nice little hard rate meter, a lot smaller than my ANT.
It seemed to work and 1 x via Bluetooth pairing after that I got no longer connect. Searched the Internet for a solution: nothing. Suunto helpdesk:Resetperformed.
Tested with theSuunto Movecount app: nope, not working. Suunto asked: no, recording heart rate only works if the recording is started from a watch. I don't have a Suunto watch, so could not include: returned.

Polar H10
Just introduced (beginning 2017), and just for sale. It is a Polar, which are known for their heart rate meters. The H10 still seems to be more accurate than the H7, but then waterproof (instead of waterproof), also Bluetooth. The best: he can record. During the introduction was also announced that in Q1 2017 there is a possibility for a link with the GoPro Hero4 or newer, then you can record heart rate in the images, you will see during the action what you heart rate does, that can be fun too. So the H10 ordered when he was available (3 days later all happy. Now just inside
He is bigger than the Suunto heart rate monitor, it is a normal size, same as my ANT.
First test on dry land. Doesn't work either.
Manual read, there is a record button in the options menu of the app. Testing: Yes it works.
This coming weekend Region Cup South and Training, nice moment to the Polar H10 to go testing.

To be continued.