I am not going to the NK

(machine translated in 2018)
Compeition surfing is fun, I can always very much enjoy the fight between boys of your own level. But it should be fun, it's hobby and you have to enjoy it.

This coming weekend Nr: fun.
On Scheveningen, less fun. (you can get bad, kar must be put on the beach and picked up by a 4 x 4: lot of hassle)
Match with: 20 knots: challenging.
Match with: 20 knots at sea: very challenging, on the edge.
Match with 20 knots on Scheveningen: not fun.

I've never surfed on Scheveningen with a wave set, let alone with a slalom set. I'm also no real sea surfer. Brouwersdam is fun, but that's still just big within water. You, there may be waves come, but never more than 1 a 1.5 metres if it is really haunted, and hardly any flow. Scheveningen is a real wave spot. There can be very ghosts, that I would find a challenge already set with a wave.

I'm going to challenge myself or not? I usually try to do that, but I'm afraid I after a weekend Scheveningen come home with stuff broken and/or an injury, and then also not or bad hazards: bad feeling to a weekend.
Put on the contrary a weekend Zeeland, block dam and/or Grevelingendam: then I almost know for sure a lot of fun. Ultimately, it's there to have fun.

Call me a sissy: I hook.