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Regiocup July 2 cancelled: Concert @ Sea

(machine translated in 2018) It is did it again, there was a game planned during Concert @ Sea, you would still think we as surfers learn and take this into account.
No, so, so pretty let the RegioCup South was called off.

What I personally find remarkable: RegioCup has no fixed location, which they choose depending on the circumstances, so then you would, I believe, can easily swerve to the Grevelingendam. But there is not chosen. I have long suspected that the Organization of RegioCup South but for 2 spots choose: Kabbelaarsbank or Brouwersdam (formerly the El_torro_19).

P.s. I also saw pictures afterwards on social media by many RegioCup participants in Concert @ Sea, maybe that has also had an impact on the choice.