Relaxed festival: Welcome to the Village (2017)

(machine translated in 2018)
Once again visited a festival last weekend.

Friends (Avid festival goers) had had a tip for a very cute and nicely unpretentious festival:Welcome to the Village(WTTV) just outside Leeuwarden.
With a total of 8000 visitors (including the 1000 volunteers) on all 3 days it was a relatively small festival. Even in Breda during Palm Parkies on a nice day it is much busier.

Music: very diverse
In terms of music was also very diverse, by Benjamin Francis Leftwich a singer songwriter who got completely still in a tent, to the Swedish Truckfighters with a wall of kei hard boorish rock. Especially many unknown straps, so many fun new things to explore this vibrant city. But that also means that sometimes you just runs away because it's really not your taste is. Headliner Franz Ferdinand played the field flat, everyone was dancing and jumping. They have just released a new album, but after this performance I look to it, they continue to do well.
Biggest disappointment was: Welcome to The birthday, a DJ set to celebrate the 5 year history of WTTV. They beat the shelf really wrong, it was raining outside, so anyone got the tent came in wild parties. I'm not a DJ, but even I had that tent quite a few hours to the jump. But the guys opted for quieter work allowing voting there really isn't in came, too bad.

Food: choice was giant, food trucks but no fries!
There were 3 areas with food, two of which were mainly food trucks and the last one was a collaboration of 2 restaurants and a beer cafe. Here you could get special beer and different wines from glass. You wanted to bring that the festival site on it had to be overgeschonken in a plastic cup. Well arranged! Drinking water was free, you could even bring their own empty bottle with Cap site on.
Outside the special beer area was there are ordinary barren lots of choice: for example also Radler and Radler 0.0%.
There was a very wide range of different types of food: Pony steak, good burgers, Noodle soup, Salads, Wraps, Nachos, Indonesian, home made ice cream etc etc. Everything we have was delicious. Only thing to find was not on the festival grounds was fries. (Was on the festival camping wants to find by the way)
Also for me there was in terms of gluten-free enough to choose. Unfortunately, all the salads I could find not gluten-free, but also delicious gluten free have eaten, and nowhere had eaten something wrong, so nowhere.

Friday night and Saturday was the weather, so many shorts, dresses and slippers or even bare feet, even in the mosh pit were people with bare feet firmly to pogo and. Sunday it was unfortunately colder, so many long trousers. The age of the visitors ran widely, of babies of less than a year to 60-ers. With the space and atmosphere is the perfect festival for families. So many young children with great hearing protectors.
The atmosphere was great, no extremely drunk or difficult people, but especially radiant happy faces.
The area was nice decorated, about seating made, sprinkle bales, pallets, converted caravans etc. Cosy mood lighting in the trees.
A total of 4 real podiums, main stage an open field, the large tent, though that really isn't very big. The beautiful and attractive mirror tent. And a small stage with no more than a large canopy.

The festival let all kinds of experiments with eco-friendly Affairs. Hair wash and then filter the water with a few bins so that the weather is clean. And Nissan Leaf (electric car) to the silent disco. etc.

All in all a very very cosy festival with plenty of space for rest and enjoy food and drinks. Until next year.