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Winter in April: RegioCup canceled

It usually happens with competitions in late October or March, but mid April?
That's a first time: Contest cancelled due to too cold weater, in this case the RegioCup South.

All weekend NE Wind predicted, and which is always cold. But with only 6 to 8 degrees maximum predicted, and that late afternoon it is really too cold to sail all day.

The organization will not have liked it, last year did not have any valid races, and then having to cancel the competition of 2019 while there is wind.
But the cold brings too many risks for the participants. So wise of the Organization to take no risks.

If the wind and temperature are going to be ok, I'm going for 2 hours of sailing, but that's something else than all day racing.
Unfortunately, that the way it is, next time hopefully warmer weather, just SW wind and then we'll do some competition again.