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The Netherlands: World Champion Baseball 2011

(machine translated in 2018) As a former baseball player, I look, if there is even a contest on TV, sometimes play a game. I keep a beautiful sport.

Our baseball players counted, in the time that I have played baseball in the late 80, not at all on world level. When Robert Eenhoorn in 1990 as the first in America was going to play it seemed possible that the Dutch may well baseballs.

In 2000 the Dutch knew Cuba, one of the world) to beat during the Olympic tournament. That was to be the highlight for Dutch baseball. But there is recent days changed.

At the World Championships in Panama, the Dutch team a number of toppers reports culminating Thursday Cuba with 4-1 reports and with it a place in the final. In the final they came back against Cuba. The final would take place Saturday evening uk time 24:00. I wanted to go watch, but by rain bet the competition posed to 3:00 and from 4:00 at last seemingly in the night. I'm just going to sleep. Unfortunately. Because Netherlands has with Cuba 2-1 reports and is world champion. As a former baseball player and I am very proud of.

Men, well done: Congratulations.