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Final results Regiocup South 2011:2nd or 4th? an unexpected extra price

(machine translated in 2018)
Right after the last heats of the last

There were 4 first prizes: one and

First the Silverfleet's turn, quite exciting, 1st I could never be, but what it is.
1 Andrea Vp (BEL-26)
2 Robert de Leeuw (NED-118)
3 Ko de Visser (NED-252)

I was 2nd in the Silverfleet, because I had missed the first game I had too many points deficit still first.

After the ordinary prices I was called forward again: because I've grown so much in 2 years and I have the last 2 matches as I was welcomed in dangers in the Silverfleet the Goldfleet, so join the top ones. And I am come year by the AL invited to get involved with the NK!

On Monday went Ko the results and found out that an error was made, there was 1 deduction too much given allowing me to had managed to make a lot of good. So, I was no 2nd but 4th.