Dispute between Regiocup South organisers causes split (ZW7 vs WWT)

The last years the Regiocup Zuid (Southern Regional Championship) organisation was done by ZW7 and WSB.

ZW7: (South West 7) the windsurfing club with as home spot: the Veerse Meerse: De Schotsman.
WSB: (Windsurfing Berkendonk Helmond) windsurfing club based in Helmond at the Berkendonkseplas.

Last year (2011) there were no members of WSB interested in organizing the Events anymore. Jan (member of WSB) and Roel (WWT crew) are two dads that have very talented boys. They started organizing the WWT (Windsurfing Competition Training) in 2010. These two dads have a lot of knowledge about competition surfing and training. The WWT crew took over the organisation for the 2011 RegioCup Zuid from WSB. They also stepped in the boot when ZW7 needed an extra hand.

The WWT crew have big plans this year. There will be training and competition under the WWT flag. The WWT Competition will not be planned on a spot, but they have a list of spots and they will choice depending on the wind direction. They don't like the Veerse Meer and don't want to/won't go there for a competition. ZW7 is based at the Veerse Meer and always have organised some form of competition there since a very very long time. ZW7 tried to get in contact with the WWT crew to work together, but the attempt failed. ZW7 had to see on windsurfing.nl there WWT had planned the RegioCup without ZW7.

ZW7 decided to not try anymore with WWT. They still want to organize a competition on The Veerse Meer (their home spot) and are also afraid when they when they stop organizing they will never be able to pick it up again when the WWT crew would stop organizing. So ZW7 continued to organised their own competition: RegioCup ZuidWest, which consist of 5 days in 2012.

It is currently unknown if there will be 1 overall ranking this year or 2. But my bet is on 2. This will not be solved this year.