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Yesterday the final of the PWA - Fuerteventura - Elimination 6. Drone in the air. Antoine Albeau and Matteo Iachino were 2nd and 3th in the ranking, and could both take the first place if they were to win. So both went for it. That became a very exciting race! And the drone pilot has made super spectacular images of it. Best EVER!! [Read...]

.Photo of: Best slalom competition video ever.

Again a cold day, wind would decrease, on route to Stavoren: 5 degrees. Elimination 3: Preliminary round skipped: too cold. Rigged iSonic 117 with Warp 8.0 and SL-X 43cm. C-Final attempt 1: Wind dropped to nothing at the start, after 45 minutes slogging wind came back. C-Final attempt 2: came a big rain shower, wind increased a lot, and I didn't feel like it, and I wasn't the only one. Elimination 4: Started, but quickly blown off. A day like today lets you doubt why you compete. [Read...]

First day NK Slalom 2019: Wind, but very cold. 2 eliminations sailed, first did not go well, but I did finish. 2nd elimination went even worse, needed a boot to get back to shore and over early in the C-final. Must clearly sail and train more with my slalom gear. The cold also made me not really feel like it. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) For the first time in nearly 2 years finally official races during a Rgiocup South. Unfortunately not the increasing wind that was predicted. Wind was to South and very gusty. All day with the iSonic 117 and Warp 8.0 dangers and that was on the small side, 9.0 was afterwards been better. Fun competitions dangers, unfortunately no more races in the afternoon because the wind was gusty. In the end 14th. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) RegioCup South of 2 July has been cancelled. That same weekend, it is also Concert @ Sea. Not the first time that a game not by. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) 12:00 from wind, something more than yesterday. All day dangers with the Warp 8.0 on the iSonic 117. Waves were higher and it was thereby heavy. Luckily today called 2 x through the preliminary rounds. Not that I have much chance in a B-final, but immediately saves a few places. Eventually 20th ended this weekend. Were the foreign PWA guys not been there I was just 16th again as always. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) Wind came late, but luckily we were allowed to sleep late of the organization. Eventually the whole afternoon/evening with my new iSonic 127 North Warp 9.0 LW on the dangers. Level was high, certainly by the presence of Dutch and foreign PWA surfers. Today did not succeed to go through the qualifying rounds. Lelystad remains difficult in/out of the water. We have to 19:30 hazards. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) The plan was to take a long-distance to sail to determine who in which fleet arrived. Lack of wind did not. Too little wind also for official matches, so fun-races. I was in the B-fleet. 4 heats hazards. 2 x 4th, 1 x false start and last race 1st. Very happy with this result, I could very well come in the B fleet, about the level that I have always had. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) The Defi wind 2015 was again violently. Wind up to 70 knots meant even postponement of races. In the end, each of the 4 days a race hazards. Winner, again: Pierre Mortefon: Visit: Hero! My goal: next year. Beautiful images. [Read...]

.Photo of: Movie Defi wind 2015.

(machine translated in 2018) There was beautiful wind predicts, we got nothing. Many attempts have been made to start, but to no avail, no dangers race this year in South Regiocup. What a pity. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) Finish Elimination 2: C final: parked at the first buoy. Lost too many places. Elimination 3: went well, it was good after the second buoy: big crash. C-final: Peter and Bram boating wrong course: stupid. I fall a few times, but by many errors and failure of the rest still 1st. Elimination 4: high winds, many call abandonment: very easy to the B-final: exits: it was heavy! become 6deUiteindelijk 18th this year. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Elimination 1: little to no wind. For round not met: C-final: sharp To start, but no flag on the boat. 5th: false start Anyway. Latest. then the wind was gone. 9.5 ff yet tried, could just planing. Elimination 2-preliminary round: too little wind. Could hardly planing. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

Day raceboard racing, 4 raceboards and 4 RS:X, that should be fun. Sailed the CAT 380 with R-Type 9.5. Heat 1 first race of the season: bad start. Underestimated the competition, not seen anybody anymore. Heat 2, way too late over the line. Bad heat, didn't come close again. In race 3 I managed to stay ahead of one of the other raceboards. In race 4 less wind, RS:X could not plane all the time, I could overtake 2. Race 5 didn't go very well. made a few mistakes. Nice day, 4 raceboards certainly make it more interesting. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) What a disappointment, there was already afraid of: no wind: Really nothing. The wind was really silent, so CAT 380 with the Simmer LE Race 9.0 rigged in minimal trim. It was so calm that I could not even get the starting line. No pressure. Fortunately it was with no wind also start for tricky and there was a massive false start. At the 2nd start attempt I was sitting pretty. But yes, try yet again to get away without wind. After fifteen minutes or so I was so fed up. Sailing on the back, with legs sailing in balance, out of the water, paddling with the sword. That went a lot faster. The SUPs making those pictures went faster: I stop there with it, am quiet paddling back to the side. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Today a little more wind than predicted yesterday, and we got even more. All races with Warp 7.0 on the iSonic 101 hazards. Usually went very well, only the first buoy was exactly is very high swell, which just style was around the buoy. I'm one myself but 1 x cases, but by planing is me there not/hardly successful. There were always far less experienced surfers, but also some toppers. Rest of the course was a lot easier and here and there even very flat. The last 2 I have the preliminary round eliminations not dangers, only the losers final, I was too tired to all races to sail. It was a nice day, relatively constant wind, full count Sun, beautiful matches. Deadly tiring. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Beautiful weather, East wind predicted. It was pressure, many NK participants present. Started with Warp 7.8, but who was actually too small. So put on a GT85. It was not until the first break time to rig the 8.6.2nd elimination: Finally the necessary pressure, though it was still minimal. Maybe the 9.5. Could planing, but came ever speed too short. Not a bad day, little gusty wind and bad material choice. Maybe my GT85 yet not suitable for the Goldfleet, come speed too short, yet but even looking for something nieuwers? [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) 2nd day NK lauwersmeer, first day had no wind. It was Course Race, so I was allowed again with the technos. I expected little wind, so the Simmer Race LE 9.0 getting caught. Start was 3 kilometres away. Race with the speedboat to the start line, just not won 5 Races hazards: severe conditions. Technos planeerde constant, so not to keep downwind and upwind beautiful fight. Upwind often pushing against the mast hand, overpowered! With 18 a 20 knots was the weather for slalom, why we sail than course race? [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

(machine translated in 2018) 2nd day: regiocup in water. Elimination 1-preliminary round: too little wind, stood still: Loosers Final: false. Elimination 2-preliminary round: bad start, parked at the start: Loosers Final: Finally a good race. 4th. Elimination 3-preliminary round: mistake after the first buoy. Loosers Final: I is tired, fall at a buoy and loss many places. Elimination 4-preliminary round: excessive heat, too much toppers: Loosers Final: mistake at the first buoy, weather swimming. Not my best game weekend, long time since I so bad have dangers. [Read...]