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The last years the RegioCup Zuid (Southern Regional Championship) was organized by Regiocup ZW7 and WSB. In 2011 that was done by WWT and ZW7. This year WWT organized the RegioCup without consulting with ZW7, and not on the Veerse Meer. ZW7 is not happy with that, so they have organized their own RegioCup at the Veerse Meer. [Read...]

Good News! There are 11 RegioCup Zuid events planned this year! After the news from WWT, that they will be organizing 6 RegioCup days alone, without any surfclubs, now ZW7 announced that they will be hosting days op RegioCup as well. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) I have previously written a piece about the breaking of the base of especially Select RS7 and in lesser sizes SL7 fins. Today I read on that someone had the same problem now with a Select Caspar Speed, the problem than with more models of Select? [Read...]

It took a little longer than usual, but most dates for the various Dutch competitions are now known. There are a few interesting changes, for example the Regiocup South is no longer at a fixed location. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) I saw the following on TV: Wavejet: a small electric jetski-like module that can be built in a golfsurf board. It helps surfers with paddle/swim. It would also be useful for wind surfers? [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) There was wind force 6 to 7 from the West predicted. Day with Nadwi on his home spot dangers: haringvlietdam. JP FSW 4.7 84 with Ice was too big. The AHD Wave with Voodoo 3.7 was good. Many jumped, not cold, sure as the Sun came through it was delicious. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) After a week of storms in the Netherlands finally itself surfing. Dangers with the S-Type 104 with RAM F10 5.7 and C3 Venom 32 cm. Later the FSW 84 Pro with Ice 5.3 getting caught. The weather was nice, Sun, super breeze. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) Recent days pulled 2 hefty storms over Netherlands. Many people had there (much). But there are always those who well could enjoy. The NOS is recordings of a few speed surfers who yesterday (5/1/2012) on Strand Horst. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) I should like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012, and the surfers lots of good wind. 2012 is going to be my first year that I NK Slalom go boating, a higher level, so there will be more to be trained. At home are still there for 2012 what char: WCs and stairs cupboard. Yesterday evening (1/1/2012) is there still a leakage. [Read...]