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(machine translated in 2018) Via facebook had Saskia asked who wanted to come train at Medemblik. Good plan, perfect opportunity to explore the WORLD CUP location for the circus in 2 weeks really loose and 400 surfers around walking/boating. Only the CAT and 9.5 included: Traveling Light. It was helpful, the location here explores, orientation on the water. Dangers to my mast foot of the Cat was stuck. 2 days, 2 race boards in the garage for maintenance! :-( [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) At last time and a little wind, perfect for a couple of hours of light training again. Please be the sword of my father's Malibu S in my Team due: stupid! It seems the same system, but sword sat directly wired to the sword, need to remove whole centreboard case to get out again. After some dangers without zwaardstrips/trained. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Unexpected dangers today still, between the afternoon was so delicious that I'm outside work before on my left. Today are not trained for the World Cup, more a good playing with my buddies, fun to be with my old Hague friends together to surf, what we know each other for long. Quite the evening with 5.3 dangers, first on the FSW84, but that was just too little , last hour on the S-Type 104, and that was brilliant. The S-Type is perfect for Herkingen, flat water and a fast board. Very very much done, gybes went super good and felt so good. Good night. [Read...]

Tonight there was a strong wind forecasted, 20 to 25 knots. M & M also went to the coast, and rain radar indicated that it would be dry after 6 hours. Unfortunately it did not get dry, but the wind was good and strong. Sailed over an hour with the Ultra Cat with MX-Race 7.5. That was intense, sail was really too big, so half wind did not go that good, but the downwind was great. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Have a few power box fins lent, so could the team test. Wind would come late: 3 hours. from 5 to 7 2 hours trained on the team. Upwind easier and better than the Cat, but gyben I still find difficult. Weather was good wind force 4 to 5 and take full sun. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) The World Cup is coming, so next time I'm going to try to work out a lot on my race board. The goal is to train the next time often briefly. Today focused on getting to know my Fanatic Cat, and especially training tack. 2 hours on my Cat with 9.5 R-Type hazards, wind was gusty, almost no wind to 20 knots. Great dangers, I certainly feel that my board to know better. However, the board new grip. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Weather wind predicts, lot more than for yesterday. Race officials had chosen Course for slalom Racing, I was gone with zn wind. Today luckily not the only one with a race board, Saskia and Ton had also enrolled. Heat 1 and 2 were with a lot of wind, the top techno surfers just faster, Saskia had the heavy and couldn't join. Heat 3 and 4 in light winds, Saskia in its element and not to keep track of. After we just by the water were a heavy storm mood, happy were all Formulas also just in time by the water. It was a fun NK, varying conditions. 1st this weekend, but that's not odd as I 1 day only water. What's next? World Cup? [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) Day 1 of the 3rd round of the Nr: location: the Grevelingendam, home water for me. Very nice and warm, the morning sun and wind, some participants just in swimming trunks on the water. In the afternoon clouds and a few small Bango. Unfortunately I was today the only with a Race board (okay, so called 1st today, and also the last) with the Technos dangers, and those Kids are good, so must be good work to stay ahead of them/. 3 heats, finished first last heat 4th. The Formulas have by the light winds in the afternoon but 2 heats hazards. Beautiful day, but more than 5 hours on the water is very tiring. [Read...]

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