Roberts Blog

(machine translated in 2018) Still an extra day this year. There was about 18 knots SW predicts, fell 127. iSonic with Warp 8.6 and Boss 49 cm dangers. Wind always seemed little to take off and after 12:00 it became increasingly more difficult to plane upwind. It was minimal, but with a delicious Sun. Well pumps can work out. I think the iSonic 127 in terms of light again no match is with the 60 cm GT85 and a good vin. Next time try a longer fin. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) There was 30 knots decreasing wind and showers predicted. FSW 84 with 4.7 and RON 20 cm Ice hazards. On steps and sail away, piece of cast off more wind (always on Kabbelaarsbank with ZW) On the first jump out quite a about rotated donkey kick: Crash! Wind decreased slightly, other vin: Select X 1 26, 5 cm, slightly less trim. In the beginning, well, the wind comes back again. By dangers until I was quite tired, time to quit. Good end of the year. [Read...]

Wind prediction: 19 knots and dry weather. Nice for a day of winter windsurfing. First time to test the iSonic 127, used the Warp 8.6 and Boss 49cm. Little searching for the right trim, little boom height and baseplate position. Board is quick. Also tried the Boss 47cm. Trained on jibes. It took a bit of time to get used to the iSonic 127 compared to the GT85. [Read...]