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(machine translated in 2018) The Defi wind 2015 was again violently. Wind up to 70 knots meant even postponement of races. In the end, each of the 4 days a race hazards. Winner, again: Pierre Mortefon: Visit: Hero! My goal: next year. Beautiful images. [Read...]

.Photo of: Movie Defi wind 2015.

(machine translated in 2018) Last week a missed, today a fat fat storm: storm: missed. I am sorry that they are not. Pretty cool to see all fat pictures on facebook of all your surf buddies to enjoy! There is a bit of progress with my ribs. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Last week against a buoy dangers, 3 ribs broken. First time I have something to mn ribs. Right away? 1 week later? 3 nights hospital, many painkillers later. What have I learned? Not sneezing! [Read...]