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Prediction: SW 18 to 28 knots, unfortunately it turned out to be SSW. Good moment to try my new Fanatic Tri-Wave 89, with 5.3 Banzai. Near the beach no wind, further from the beach enough wind to get planing with some pumps. No waves for waveriding, but few small waves to chop-hop. Wind was minimal, bigger set would be better: switch to the FSW 102. Stayed far away from the beach because the wind there was clearly a lot better further out. In retrospect, the 6.0 would have been better, but still had a good session. Was first time the weather was really cold. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.

All weekend wind, all weekend S to even SSE. Not the best direction, Saturday 15 to 20 knots, Sunday 25 to 40 knots. Saturday dry and chance of sun. Sailed with the iSonic 117 with S-Type SL 7.3 and SL-X 41cm. It was bobbing and planning, wind quite gusty, maybe the 7.3 too small. A couple of pumps and I could get planing most of the times. Practiced a lot on tacking. Went really really well, 9 out of 10 attempts went well. Wind was SSE, so yes, gusty, but it was not cold, dry and often some sun. Lovely sailing. Impressed by the SL-X 41cm. [Read...]

Forecast had already diminished a bit in the morning. On arrival, it didn't seem as extreme either. Rigged the Banzai 4.2, sailed with the AHD 253 and the JFSW 84. Reasonable waves to jump and wave to ride. In terms of wind a repeat of yesterday, with the 4.2 clearly a better choice. Wind was eventually directly onshore and that with a nearly 1 meter shore break it was a bit tricky to get out. Which of course some surfers didn't see or know were thrown back on the beach by the waves. [Read...]

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Winds would turn from south to southwest around 1 to 2 and increase. Started with the JP FSW 84 and 4.7, wrong choice, too small. Slugging back to the beach and walk of shame back over the beach. Took the FSW 102, wind came back quickly. Took the FSW 84 again. Until the wind was really too hard: 3.7 on the FSW 84. Not the right choice, back to 4.7. Was quite entertaining, but definitely not my best day. I always seemed to be just wrong about it in terms of material choice. [Read...]

.Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO..Windsurfing photo TODO.