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Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 6. Last day of the Clinic. Today a lot of wind predicted. Started with the Goya Custom 3 Pro 86 and S1 4.8. Later when the wind dropped, took the Goya One 3 - 95 with the Flight Sails 5.2. Practicing wave riding all the time: going out through the surf, getting upwind and trying to catch a wave on the inside. Lesson 6: Look at the beach (or Colin) during the top turn. [Read...]

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Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 5. Thursday was going to be the worst day of the week, but in the end surfed all day. Started with the Goya Custom 3 Pro 98 with Flight Zorro 5.6, unfortunately the wind was quickly gone. Then Fanatic Viper 85 with Goya Banzai Pro 5.0. After lunch RRD FreestyleWave 96 with Flight Zorro 5.6. The Goya Custom 3 Pro 98 tried. Lesson 5: Short-board tacks: the more you bend your knees the more stable and easier. [Read...]

Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 4. Prediction was for too little wind. But on arrival it seemed there was some wind. Today briefly sailed with the RRD Firemove 120 and Duotone E-Pace 7.8 sails. Practiced short-board tacks. Lesson 4: With waveriding and lots of moves: stretching arms and bending the knees. [Read...]

Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 3. Today the wind would decrease quickly, so started at 10:00 at TWS and then quickly on to the water. Started with the Fanatic Blast 115 Ltd with Duotone E-Pace 7.3. Unfortunately, the wind quickly dropped. Then with Goya Surf 220 and Flight Zorro 5.6 tack practice. After lunch: JP FreestyleWave 113 Pro with Goya Banzai Pro 6.3. Lesson 3: Short-board tacks: 1 hand to the mast while you're still hooked in the harnesslines. [Read...]

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Wave Clinic with Colin Dixon, day 1. Started early today, we wanted to sail before high tide, because at high tide there is lest wind near the beach Used the Flikka 103 with Blade 5.3 and the Flikka 92 with Blade 4.7. Tried the set of Colin Dixon: Goya Quad 4 Custom and Banzai Pro 5.0. Lesson 2: F1 start helps a lot: a few steps run in shallow water and jump directly onto the board. [Read...]

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First surf day in El Medano this year. Started with Quatro Power Pro 94 and Severne Blade 4.7. the Quatro was to freestyle wave for the conditions, so switched it for the Flikka Thruster 92. Liked the Flikka a lot. Not the easiest day to start with, the break was sometimes difficult to get through. It's great to sail again in warm conditions in a thin wetsuit. Lesson 1: Go out when conditions are at its best. [Read...]