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A lot of wind predicts. On arrival it certainly didn't look very extreme. Most surfers sailed 3.5 to 4.0, so took the 3.7, so took the AHD with Banzai 3.7 and Select 22cm. Set was almost spot on from the start. Jumping went really well with left foot in front. Lots of back-side wave riding. Couple of times nice waves near the beach and attempted some front-side wave riding, and that succeeded a few times. It was nice, lots of sun, no rain, sailed until I was really completely empty. It was really enjoyable. [Read...]

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Good winds predicted in the afternoon. Started with the JP FSW 84 with Banzai 4.7 and MUF 20/11.5cm fins. Wind was minimal, a few jumps and a few back-side waverides, but nothing special. Wind slowly dropped even further. Nice time to sail the JP Ultimate Wave 94 for the first time. Sailed the JP Ultimate Wave 94 as quad, not my preference. Sailing was reasonable in itself, but for me it is not yet relaxed. Lots of wind holes, so more and more bobbing. Sailed until the wind was really too soft to be able to plane. Few fine runs, but mostly it was moderate. [Read...]

Good wind predicted, on arrival 4.7 seemed to be right size. Started with the JP Single Thruster 99 with Banzai 4.7. Get up and planing from the beach. Some beautiful waves for wave riding. Also nice jumping. Wind slowly increased so could easily use a smaller board: JP FSW 84 with Banzai 4.7. Get out, planing and jump right away. Wind seemed to increase even more. Could jump over both tacks, back to the beach there were quite a lot of nice waves for back-side wave riding. Nice afternoon, nicely warm, good wind, really enjoyed it. [Read...]