Roberts Blog

Forecast: 35 to 45 knots SW, 11 degrees and chance of rain: Banzai 3.7 with AHD Power Wave 253. I did everything to have more control. Board had control. Sail was big in the hard gusts, but in the end also controlable. It was tough, I sailed much too tensed in the beginning, so tired quickly. Gusts were extreme. With 4 men it was very quiet on the water. [Read...]

Forecast: 10 to 12 degrees, south wind up to 26 knots. South is always gusty. On arrival only 6 degrees. Sailed with the Banzai 6.0 and FSW 102. It was too cold. Wind was, as to be expected, gusty, normally not nice, but when it is also this cold: had better sessions. [Read...]

Fast increasing wind predicted, 8 degrees and sun. Sailed with Banzai 5.3 with JP FSW 102. In the end I really couldn't close the sail in the gusts. 4.2 would have been a lot better, and in the gusts maybe even 3.7 was possible. It was only 7 degrees, colder than I normally take as a lower limit. All day clear blue sky, and with the sun it was still doable. [Read...]