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Suunto Smart Belt Reset

(machine translated in 2018) I have a Suunto Smart Belt bought to my heart rate, oa during surfing.

Why the Suunto Smart Belt? He is 30 m waterproof, and that would, under mn wetsuit sufficient for use during surfing. The Suunto heart rate can also record if there is no connection to the phone or watch. I expect that a transmitter is a lot more comfortable than a thick wrist watch under your suit.

After he no longer worked with the phone 1 x pairing. In the app he saw the sensor no longer, and also via Bluetooth settings in Android was he just find.

To find a solution on the internet. Known problems? Battery empty? Comes on delivery seemingly regularly. No, battery was still completely full.

Support call, after the default one to be walked along he proposed a reset for. Edema that had I not found in the manual.

Reset Suunto Smart Belt:
-Remove the battery.
-Insert the battery reversed back into the sensor (without the battery cover)
-Wait 10 seconds.
-Remove the battery out again.
-Battery and valve you back on normal way back places.

App found the sensor again, but first wanted to not pair-and.
Via Bluetooth settings I could now also find and pair-and.
He then worked in the app also correctly again.