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EitherMouse: The Solution for lefties with a laptop and mouse

Are you left handed? You use a mouse with your laptop?
Then you will recognize the following problem: click on the touchpad of your laptop gives the context menu: sigh! Open mouse settings, buttons swap.
Once you connect your mouse to your laptop: buttons not swapped.

This has been a problem for years. When Microsoft finally fixed this? Touchpad click function should never be the "right mouse" click.

Today luckily I found a simple solution: EitherMouse.

It is build to use multiple mice at the same time: 1 left and 1 right. You can set up all kinds of things per mouse: mouse speed and mouse buttons. Perfect to configure your mouse left-handed and have your touchpad working the way it should. It works very simple: download and startup. Make sure you install it: Click on the wrench icon and just click on install. Otherwise it will no longer work after a restart..

To configure can you use your computer mouse or touchpad to make the correct settings, depending on the device you use you get another profile that you can configure. You can also rename any profile.

No more hassle.