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Innovative new mast extension: NoerStick

For years, there was hardly any innovation in the field of extensions. North has released the Power XT, but that was already in 2004, so that is already 14 years ago. But that is it.
Until now.

NoerStick was created by a Dane. It is a completely new concept for an extension.
Normally you set the length of the extension, an then rig the sail and set the correct downhaul. With the NeorStick you first rig the sail, pull the downhaul pulley to the extension, and then extend the extension untill the sail has the correct downhaul tension.

I think it is a nice innovation. Every surfer know sthe drill, almost don rigging your sail, you downhaul the sail, you notice the extension is not set long enough. You have to (almost) completely de-rig the sail to change the length of the extension. With the NeorStick this will never happen, changing the length of the extension is how you set the correct downhaul.

Innovation costs money, but personally I find this pretty expensive. According to the rumors, the NoerStick will cost 300 euro.
I personally find 300 euro a little too much for little advantage that the NeorStick offers.
I have a list with the correct settings per sail, so it almost never happens to me that I have set my extension length incorrect. I sail with North Power XT, which offers the big advantage that you can change the downhaul, even on the water. That benefit outweighs the advantages of the NoerStick

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