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(machine translated in 2018) Nice wind and weather forecasts and I had a free day, super. After getting my RAM F9 at the sail maker by going to the Kabbelaarsbank. It looked good out there, a lot of planing surfers and clear blue sky. Not at all cold. Warp Warp 7.8 F2011Na just talk my rigged, beautiful day to my newly bought F2011s once Warp test. Started my iSonic 111 under it, but because the wind was very soft from finally switched on my newly purchased iSonic 121. That went better, but wind continued to off so have to stop. Was a nice day, little little wind, but with its Sun was really enjoying it. [Read...]

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(machine translated in 2018) Lots of Select SL7/RS7's get problems with a disengage base. Peterman has a nice article transferred. I have been given in 2009 a RS7 49 cm where the base apart from was. I have a 41 cm. This weekend I was the garage to clean it up and I found old base. I have always just made photos, instructive. That I wanted you guys don't remember. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Peter Hagan, himself a very faster slalom/speed surfer has a nice piece written for speed surfers who want to be faster. He also has a few other toppers (80 km/h) asked how are top speeds. [Read...]

As a former baseball player, I like to watch some games on TV. Baseball is, for me, an attractive game to watch. Our dutch team is not one of the worst teams, but now have achieved the highest possible: world champion. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) The 4th day in 6 days. Time to take it easy. For the Grevelingendam something to South so boats slope. Delicious with JP FSW 4.7 with 84II Ice hazards. Just really fine water to sail. Still ff with the GPS behind stones in Herkingen hazards: 60.4 km/h [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) Right after the last heats of the last regiocup of this year we had an award ceremony. I was 2nd in the Silverfleet. In addition, I called and officially invited for next year Goldfleet and NK. Afterwards there was an error in the results and turned out I 4th. [Read...]

Increasing wind predicted with changing direction, not the best for a competition. A total of 10 heat sailed, I won the first 9, easy. The last heat I had a bad start and Ko and Andrea sailed very well, so I became 3rd. With 9 wins and 2 heats deduction: 1st today. It is becoming very clear that I no longer belong in the Silverfleet and will sail in the Goldfleet next year. [Read...]

Light wind, so took the largest slalom set: GT85 with RAM 8.4. Between showers, wind was good, for the rest, gusty. When I got of the water, I noticed a tear in the RAM 8.4. So rigged the Warp 8.0 which I'll now have to use tomorrow during competition. I had to adjust the trim compared to the RAM 8.4. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) After a few weeks wind still and warm weather, autumn is now really started, last days took the wind increasing and today would be the day with hardest wind. I had a lot of cloudiness and rain expected. It rained a lot at home when I went away, but along the way it quickly became dry and then had no rain. Around an hour or 2 a 3 pulled it even open all the way and it was soaking up the Sun, okay, be burned. The autumn is very very well started. Hopefully next weekend. [Read...]

(machine translated in 2018) I have filmed on september 12, what with my GoPro camera. Have made a movie of last weekend (it blew not and then you have time to spare) [Read...]

.Photo of: Full-Speed slalom rakje on film (50-55 km/h).

(machine translated in 2018) After weeks of warm, dry and calm weather starts to blow at last it tomorrow. Most people will bales that the nice weather is over and the fall now really is about to begin. For surfers is a couple of weeks rest and stuff for cleaning and the party now only really begin. [Read...]